Notes for developers




Make changes / additions

Be sure to run the verification code in develop/! All existing checks should pass, while new check should be added to check new functionality.

The Catch library has been used to run the checks, it should be used also for all new checks. To compile the checks:

  1. Download and install Catch.

  2. Compile all test cases:

    $ mkdir develop/build
    $ cd develop/build
    $ cmake ..
    $ make
  3. Run ./cppmatTest.


The Python package of this module python/cppmat/ is essentially used to allow distribution of the header files that constitute this library through PyPi. In addition a small Python package cppmat is provided that allows easy formulations of derived packages. These features can also be used when one is just interested in using pybind11 and one does not intend to use cppmat itself.

Create a new release

  1. Update the version number in src/cppmat/macros.h.

  2. Upload the changes to GitHub and create a new release there (with the correct version number).

  3. Upload the package to PyPi:

    $ python3 bdist_wheel --universal
    $ twine upload dist/*